Aaron Shiner Live DVD set

Aaron Shiner Live DVD Set

Get Motivated

Only $497

There is nothing like the raw power of a live performance from one of real estate’s most dynamic presenters.

There are many reasons why you’ll want ‘Aaron Shiner Live’ in your success library.  You’ll be motivated by the passion and inspired by the simplicity of a wide collection of powerful ideas.

Aaron’s success is well documented.  In less than 4 years he became the number one real estate salesperson for First National.  But awards and industry accolades hide the real story;  When your average selling price is less than $250,000 you need to list and sell a lot of real estate to earn over a million dollars a year.

In this brilliant 5 disc series, Aaron not only explains his systems in full detail but has included many of the actual letters, scripts and message templates he uses to achieve such impressive results.

Here’s a disc by disc summary of content that you will keep coming back to again and again as you implement Aaron’s proven formulas:

  • Advanced buyer strategies
  • Maximising the success of your ‘opens’
  • Aaron’s buyer entry form
  • Enhanced buyer communication
  • Superior negotiation techniques
  • Presenting offers
  • 10 essential characteristics of a top performer Getting to YES
  • Advanced listing presentation strategies
  • How to prepare for listing success
  • Overcoming objections
  • Feel-felt-found &The ‘Fair Go’ fee

  • Advanced personal marketing strategies
  • Your perfect marketing pitch
  • How to identify and promote your compelling point of difference
  • How real estate professionals can leverage social media marketing
  • Setting up your Facebook profile
  • Loading great images & How to get ideas
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • How to set your budget
  • How to target the market you want
  • Marketing copy that works
  • Working with an assistant
  • Video marketing excellence

  • Ray Wood interviews Alison Mifsud
  • Managing Direct Epping First National,
  • Sydney NSW
  • Alison shares her experience and personal
  • journey from real estate rookie to
  • owner of one of Australia’s most successful
  • real estate businesses

  • Aaron Shiner Advanced power prospecting strategies
  • Using state-of-the-art client management software to convert contacts to cash
  • How to ‘out list’ your competition
  • The amazing power of effective and automated correspondence
  • Advanced buyer matching strategies
  • How to build your potential future seller list from 0 to 1000 in 90 day

  • Aaron Shiner’s Advanced and updated collection of letters and scripts (Includes 82 Letters plus trails, listing kit)
  • With Aaron constantly referring to his ever-growing list of prospecting and enhanced communication scripts and letters, this bonus collection of valuable Intellectual property is yours to use and profit from.

Aaron Shiner Live DVD Set

Only $497