11 Habits of Highly Effective Agents

11 Habits of Highly Effective Agents

Your Personal Success

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Your personal success in the weeks and months to come will be a direct result of what you do in the next 24 hours.

If you’ve been in search for more success and greater rewards from your real estate career then you could do no better than study this brilliant video from one of Australasia’s most prolific and capable real estate professionals.

Aaron Shiner is the poster boy for real estate’s new guard.  Passionate about his business and quick to adopt new technologies and proven systems, Aaron has quickly risen to be the most sought after speaker and trainer of his time.

Bestagents Events proudly presents The 11 Habits of Highly Effective Agents. This 6 disc DVD series follows Aaron through an advanced half day live coaching master class workshop and while the event was sold out, you get a ring side seat as Aaron takes you through the 11 key areas that determine true and lasting real estate success.

This well produced DVD program has quickly become one of the most in demand training products in industry circles. 

If the next 24 hours is going to determine your future success, there is simply no better place to begin. Take plenty of notes and expect success.

Habit 1: Million Dollar Mindset

Habit 1. Developing a million dollar mindset. You can’t buy success but you can develop it. This powerful message is the perfect launching place for your future in real estate.

Habit 2: Your Personal Success Plan

Habit 2. Your personal success plan. How to develop your personal business ‘Roadmap’. Real estate success NEVER happens by accident. Real estate’s best are really good at planning AND execution.

Habit 3: Power Prospecting

Habit 3. Power Prospecting. The engine room of your success is a continual pipeline of quality listings. How to get 1000 fresh contacts in 90 days!

Habit 4: Your Personal Marketing Machine

Habit 4. Your Personal Marketing Machine. Marketing you! The key essentials to developing your personal profile. Never waste marketing dollars again!!

Habit 5: Your Personal Marketing Machine

Habit 5. Facebook for real estate. How to change the game. Social media’s number 1 website is a natural fit for agents who know how to get this right.

Habit 6: Nurturing Your Contacts

Habit 6. Cultivating your contacts. The 10 essentials your Customer Relationship Management System MUST have.

Habit 7: Retaining Your Contacts

Habit 7. Client Care. (Nurturing your contacts) How to build a stellar data base of loyal clients and keep them for life.

Habit 8: Retaining Your Contacts

Habit 8. Retaining your contacts. Awesome success with anniversary prospecting. The 24 point contact plan plus proven letters and SMS scripts.

Habit 9: Pre-Listing

Habit 9. Pre Listing Essentials. 6 steps for a highly success pre listing process. Delivering excellence and setting the stage.

Habit 10: Ultimate Listing

Habit 10. The Ultimate Listing Presentation and The Mobile Agent. How to present like a Jedi master and boost your conversion rate as you impress the heck out of your sellers.

Habit 11: SMS scripts

Habit 11. Super persuasive SMS scripts. More solid gold scripts and message from real estate’s #1 gun. This is magical money making content.

11 Habits of Highly Effective Agents

Only $597