How would you like me to personally help you create and implement 16 of my most effective Real Estate system’s personally, in your office?

And while I’m there, how about we look at my listing presentation and my appraisal follow up blueprint to get you and your team pumped and ready for a record 2017?

Following my team coaching success earlier this year, I’m doing 10 advanced team in-house workshops from May to July 2017.

Last year I met with Ben Ridley’s team and here’s what happened:

Ben RidleyHi Aaron, I just wanted to let you know that we recorded the most amount of sales in our 60 year history this year. That’s 529 sales!! We also beat our record to achieve our largest gross commission figure for a calendar year, Implementing these Ideas into our office helped us make an extra $900,000 in commission. We know our day’s together at the start of the year is 100% responsible for this. The team and I say a massive THANK YOU!”

- Ben Ridley

My Power Up Team Coaching day has a proven and powerful 16 point objective to get your whole team cranking and firing like never before.

I’ll actually be GIVING you my own personal success tools and formulas and helping you customise everything to your office, your team and your market so all you need to do is DEPLOY!

We’re going to spend the day going deep into EXACTLY what needs to happen in 2017 to get more listings and make more sales.

We’ll be covering:

  • Working together, we implement a Marketing and Prospecting Calendar, tailor made for YOUR office and team. As a guide, we’ll be using the personal and private blueprint that personally generated over 500 listing appointments and 216 secured exclusive listings in a 12 month period. I’ll GIVE YOU the letters, flyers templates you need to take of your territory.
  • We’ll be building a customised and dedicated business plan for each sales person listing the clear outcomes each of the team agrees to achieve in 2017. (This session breeds genuine ‘buy in’ and commitment)
  • Next, I’ll chair a team planning session so we know exactly what our key focus outcomes are for the coming 12 months. We will also list the team’s immediate priority tasks and objectives (I call this the ‘fast money’ your business will make in the 30 days following our time together)
  • We’ll complete an actual Listing Blitz while I am in your office to generate immediate listings appointments. (This is the same Listing Blitz formula I use each year and it ALWAYS brings in plenty of fresh listings AND builds my pipeline for the coming year) this creates INSTANT listing appointments.
  • We’ll role-play all the essential scripts and dialogues needed and I will coach the team on exactly what to say live, in real time while making the phone calls. (I always find this session fills in the blanks for many team members looking for great prospecting content)
  • I will show you how to protect your fee and negotiate a higher commission.
  • You will discover the 7 best closes to ensure you get the listing.
  • I’ll be sharing my actual Pre-Listing Kit, it’s contents, how I package it and helping you customise it to your business and your market.
  • Together, we’ll workshop my structured Listing Presentation to help your team substantially increase their appraisal-to-list ratio. (This is one of the most popular and income boosting sessions I do and my coaching clients LOVE it)
  • You will discover the exact step’s to become the house hold name in your area and the perfect amount a touch points you should be making with your farm area and database.
  • You will discover how to sell the benefits of Vendor paid marketing with the exact scripts and dialogues also including the visual aids so vendors can see can sell your selling blueprint.
  • Help you set up a world class vendor management system to lower your days on the market and exceed clients expectations.
  • Next, I will help you implement my post appraisal contact blueprint to make sure these vital follow up actions are world class and no listings fall through the cracks.
  • We will set up the Home Sellers Blueprint doc – New doc that is killing it with future sellers.
  • Finally, I will go through my 10 Daily Tasks Checklist and nail down a similar appropriate document for each team member.

It will be just like I’m coaching my own team
because I’ll be holding NOTHING back.

Complete the questionnaire now if this sounds like something
you’d like to do and I’ll get you all the details :-)

List, Sell, Repeat

Aaron Shiner

PS: I’m only doing 10 Power Up Team Coaching days and I expect places to fill quickly. Complete the questionnaire now so we can catch up and see if we’re a fit.

PPS: If we do this, I can promise you’ll be getting the immediate, actionable and tangible tools, ideas, scripts, letters, concepts and strategies to install straight into your business. This is the material that creates what I call NOW MONEY. This is NOT airy-fairy, ‘some day’ dreams or theory from someone who stopped selling real estate 10 years ago because I’m out there every day doing it and running my own highly successful team.

If you’ve ever promised you and your team one intense, action packed coaching day to build camaraderie, team culture, momentum and results for the year ahead, then this is it!

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Hi Aaron, 21 appraisals in just under 3 weeks.It’s more than I’ve done in 3 months! A MASSIVE THANK YOU
-Paul Mcfetridge
Aaron, I have booked 9 appraisal for this week and sold 5 properties so far this month!!!! Bring on next month I say !!
-Samantha Crane
Just checking in – 7 properties listed already this month – 10 appraisals last week from the appraisal push letter. Woo Hoo! And the money is now starting to roll in from the 15 we listed last month. THANKS AARON!
-Leonie Snook