1 on 1 with Aaron Shiner

1 on 1 with Aaron Shiner – Only $997.00

The Aaron Shiner 1 on 1 session is an interactive 2.5 hour coaching session designed to help you understand and apply the principles and concepts that are taught in all of Aaron Shiner’s key personal growth materials – programs he has developed over the span of 5 years as the undisputed leader in the world of Real Estate Coaching and training today.

During the 2.5 hours 1 on 1 time with Aaron, you will unlock the secrets of Prospecting, Listing Properties, Vendor Management and selling.

It’s not enough to WANT to do better; you need to TAKE ACTION on your wants and your dreams. The Aaron Shiner 1 on 1 Session will empower you with the understanding you need to implement the concepts taught so that you may attain financial goals you desire.

1 on 1 with Aaron Shiner

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