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Aaron Shiner

A bit about Aaron

A passion for property…

Since his real estate career started in 2000, Aaron Shiner’s talent for property has shone through. Outstanding sales quickly brought his performance to national prominence, picking up accolades such as “First National’s Young Achiever for Australia”. For three years straight he was announced No. 1 Listing and No. 1 Selling agent across First National’s Australian network… and he was the youngest person to ever do so (although he doesn’t like to talk about that bit).

A passion for people…

Aaron’s success has continued to skyrocket to this day. Listing 200 properties a year is standard, and for years he’s comfortably sat in the top 1% of real estate agents across the country. Ask him why this is, and he’ll tell you property is about his other passion: people. In particular, Aaron believes in real relationships, and keeping customers for life. Picking up the phone is important too – which is how Aaron has built a database of more than 2,500 potential vendors wanting to list with him.

A passion for passing it on…

If there’s one thing Aaron loves more than making a sale, it’s seeing someone else he’s helped make a sale. Because he’s been sharing his real estate expertise and know-how for a number of years now, through one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and as a highly sought-after keynote speaker at many high profile conferences & conventions. More recently Aaron spearheaded the creation of “Vision Real Estate Coaching”, selling-out 10 highly successful events in the last year. 200 elite agents have been mentored, more than 5000 have been tutored, and the company has supplied thousands of hot coaching products across the world.

Got 4 listings out of 8 letters sent of Aaron’s. I normally don’t prospect. Just sent 8 out to test them. Oh and another one is going into the rent pool.
-Samantha Marshal

Wow, day 3 of the month, 1 sale, 2 offers and 7 appraisal so far for the week!!!!
-Samantha Crane

Guys the coaching club and webinars are great. So much gained in such a short period. looking forward to each week. Keep it coming.
-Nicholai Ebert